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Choosing the right buyer

You have built a successful Amazon FBA and now you want to cash-in, but finding the right buyer is a daunting task. How do you choose who to hand the reins over to? We spoke with three former Amazon FBA owners who recently sold to the aggregator SellerX and asked them, why SellerX?

Christian Verhoeven began his company selling accessories for vinyl records after becoming irritated at the lack of such items while he was shopping for himself on Amazon. He sold to SellerX in winter 2020. “When I was ready to sell I educated myself fully on what it involved and built a team of financial and legal experts to help me through it. We met with a few aggregators and SellerX stood out. The price was right and their plans for the company were so in-line with my own if I had had the resources to grow it myself. Getting the products into the European market and growing there is the direction I would have gone and that is what SellerX will do. It is nice not to have worries about a new shipment coming and competitors having new products. I know those issues are with a really competent bunch of people and I can focus on my next move.”

Bryce Alderson, turned his hand to eCommerce when injury forced him to retire from professional soccer at just 22. He was then the co-owner of Orphic Nutrition, a health, wellness and supplements business that sold to SellerX in the first half of 2021. “We started selling in June 2018 and in the second half of 2020 it was getting so big we couldn’t contain it ourselves anymore. We decided to sell and met with SellerX. They liked our business and we liked them. It was just a really good experience and it felt right. Negotiation was so smooth. We didn’t once get the feeling they were trying to nickel-and-dime us. It was very fair and open. We really felt SellerX was going to take the company where we couldn’t and were excited about that.”



Andreas Bonacina, was inspired to start AZ Delivery, a business selling microelectronics, when his Computer Science student brother waited for weeks for parts to arrive from China since the same products were 10 times more expensive on Amazon.

“I saw this opportunity for a side hustle in 2016, but before long I quit my job because we couldn’t keep up with demand. My partner and I definitely enjoyed building the business, but it was stressful too and got to a point we decided to sell. We spoke to a few aggregators and SellerX and another came to our workplace. My partner and I really discussed which buyer was better. Not just the price, but everything. Their vision, the feeling we had for them. SellerX was the winner. I’ve discovered another niche and am making another Amazon business. I’d definitely talk to SellerX again when it is time to sell.”